Durbano Provides Perfin Knowledge to UNITRADE, VAN DAM and others.

Patrick Durbano loves Perfins. He also wants others to feel the love as well. That is why Patrick generously and freely provides specialized Canadian Perfin knowledge to assist other authors in the completion of their specialized publications.

Patrick has assisted Robin Harris by providing Robin a comprehensive listing of all known perfinned QEII Definitive issues along with current prices and many illustrations for each edition in Robin Harris’ Series of Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Definitive Issues.

More recently, Patrick along with the editors of the the BNAPS Online Perfin Handbook (Jon Johnson and Gary Tomasson) provided a completely new and updated listing of all known OHMS perfins that were genuinely created by the Federal Government. This new listing will appear in the 2022 Edition of the UNITRADE CATALOGUE OF CANADIAN STAMPS and replaces the previous one. This is the first major attempt at removing unauthorized and/or bogus items that have crept into the old list over the past few decades. 

Additionally, Patrick wrote Section 13 - Air Mail Perfins of Canada and Newfoundland for The Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland, Sixth Edition of the AAMC which included the first detailed listing of all known perfins on Canadian Air Mail issues.

In the 2017 edition of Erling Van Dam’s The Canadian Revenue Stamps Catalogue Patrick provided a comprehensive listing of all known perfins on Canadian Revenues and, on page 122, Patrick received written recognition from Erling for being a contributor.

Between 2020 and 2021, Patrick supplied known Forgery Specialist Ken Pugh with a chapter on the historical background and known periods of use of the three OHMS perforators used from 1923 to 1953. As well, he provided editorial assistance to the Pugh Reference Manual of BNA Fakes, Forgeries & Genuine Series II - Release 5a The Genuine and Faked Perforated OHMS Officials of Canada.

Patrick has been a longtime supporter of BNAPS and has held the position of Publisher and Editor of THE PERFORATOR for the BNAPS Perfin Study Group as well as being an interim editor of the Admiral’s Log for the BNAPS Admiral Study Group. Patrick is also a member of many philatelic societies including APS; PSSC; RPSC; BNAPS; the BNAPS Perfin Study Group; North Toronto Stamp Club and Markham Stamp Club. He is also an active member of several international perfin societies including the US Perfin Club where he was an assistant editor and contributor to the World Perfins Catalog – American Section (2020); Perfin Society of GB; Netherland Perfin Club, German Perfin Club and New Zealand & Australian Perfin Club.

Patrick has collected stamps since he was eight, by 15 he focused on the stamps of Canada and Germany and at 19 he began to focus on perfins. While studying Sales and Marketing at Centennial College Patrick worked for Canada Post at South Central Letter Processing Plant as well as for long-time stamp dealer and auctioneer John Talman. In 2017, Patrick joined the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association and in 2020 became a CSDA director-at-large as he moved Durbano Stamps from being a part-time business to a full-time business headquartered in Markham. While he still sells worldwide stamps, he has elected to specialize in all areas of Canadian and German philately with a dedicated focus on Canadian and Worldwide Perfins at his website.

Patrick Durbano President Durbano Stamps